Apr. 11.2017: Statement of DENR Secretary Gina Lopez

Apr. 11.2017: Statement of DENR Secretary Gina Lopez

I understand and can feel the angst my repartee has had on many. Janina Lim has been on my beat since the start for several months. No matter what I say, no matter the situation, the questioning is decidedly technical even if the situation merits some kind of compassion.

I do acknowledge that in my effort to impart my perspective, I was inordinately judgemental. Everyone has the right to be what they are. I have no right to put them down for whatever. So to Janina and to everyone, this might have hurt … I apologize deeply.

It has to be made clear that my repartee with her in no way is a judgement on Business World or the media or journalists. Or in any line of inquiry.

I am favour of questioning. It is healthy. That is how we move forward. It is when questioning comes from an already closed mind that is counter-productive.

There are so many journalists and economists with deep intuitive minds, objectivity with integrity, compassion with vision – that kind of standard will bring the country forward.

I have much sincere affection and respect for economists, journalists and the press … And I urge you to keep the light shining brightly for our country.

I continue to hold everyone in high regard.




Apr. 11, 2017: Nickel to rise above $20,000 per ton by 2017 – Alto Capital

Apr. 11, 2017: Nickel to rise above $20,000 per ton by 2017 – Alto Capital


A bullish outlook that will see nickel climb out of its current price slump and double in value to in excess of US$20,000 a tonne before March 2017, has been forecast today by market observer, Alto Capital.

Addressing the Paydirt 2015 Australian Nickel Conference in Perth today, Alto Capital research analyst, Mr Carey Smith, said that while the sector was under substantial cost and price pain, nonetheless the trend factors and outlook were far more substantial than they appeared.

“The nickel market has been dismal due to a recipe of stockpiles are up, production is up and demand is down,” Mr Smith said.

“However, going forward, stockpiled Indonesian high grade laterite nickel in China has all been consumed, China Nickel Pig Iron (NPI) production is in decline, global nickel supply is decreasing with only Independence Group’s Nova Bollinger project on the horizon and most producers/miners are losing money – so they will minimise their operations and/or get out of the game,” he said.

“This favours a return to the unrealised 2014 predictions of prices circa plus US$20,000 a tonne.”


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Apr. 11, 2017 : Lepanto Mining suspension put on hold

Apr. 11, 2017 : Lepanto Mining suspension put on hold



THE Office of the President confirmed that the order of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to suspend Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company has been put on hold.

“This office confirms that in view of the timely filing of the appeal, the execution of the Suspension Order dated 08 February 2017 is deemed automatically stayed, until otherwise ordered by this office, pursuant to Section 9 of AO 22,” Acting Deputy Executive Secretary for Legal Affairs Ryan Alvin R. Acosta said in an April 7 letter addressed to the legal department of Lepanto.

Lepanto had requested the Office of the President for confirmation of the stay effect of the appeal it had filed.

Mr. Acosta cited Section 9 of Administrative Order No.22 series of 2011 or the Prescribing Rules and Regulations Governing Appeals to the Office of the President.

“The execution of the decision/resolution/order appealed from is stayed upon the filing of the Notice of Appeal within the period prescribed,” the administrative order stated.

Lepanto Consolidated Vice-President and Assistant Corporate Secretary Odette A. Javier confirmed the veracity of the document obtained by BusinessWorld on Monday.



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