May 8, 2017 : “Tama na, Gina”

May 8, 2017 : “Tama na, Gina”

Enough said; move on.

The more Regina Lopez, the former secretary-designate of the DENR talks, the more people get to doubt her capacity to lead and manage an important government agency, a Cabinet post at that.

All we hear indicates passion.  Management is another thing.  Following rules codified into laws is another thing.  Balancing passion with macro-economic benefits is another thing.

Senator Ping Lacson is right:  She has authoritarian tendencies.  As we wrote in this space weeks ago, when she chided ES Medialdea about his staying her imposition of a fine that has no basis in law, while awaiting presidential action on appeals directed to it, as far as Doña Gina is concerned, everything is simplified into what she wants, she should get.  “A basta!”—and only she is correct.

Casting aspersions on those who voted to dis-appoint her will not change the reality that in the judgment of the elect, she does not deserve her lofty position.

She could sing all over the country that she could fly; that she is pro-poor; that she loves the people; that she loves the NPA; that she understands the Constitution; whatever—that is her right.  But she can no longer do so as head of an important ministry that is supposed to balance conflicting interests.

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