May 6, 2017: Groups rail at CA rebuff of Lopez, call for action “in defense of the environment”

May 6, 2017:    Groups rail at CA rebuff of Lopez, call for action “in defense of the environment”

Butuan City – Various environmental, academic and religious groups across the Caraga Region condemned the decision of the Commission of Appointment (CA) to thumb down the appointment of Regina Lopez as Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary, and issued calls for citizens to be united “in defense of the environment.”

“We strongly condemn the decision of the corrupt lawmakers when they rejected the confirmation of Lopez. We call upon the people to remain steadfast and be militant in our protection of the environment,” said Rev. Pio Mercado, spokesperson of the environmental group Caraga Watch.

Mercado pointed out that the politicians may have received financial support from commercial and industrial interests that “momentarily sated the insatiable greed of the decision makers.”

“The political cronies of these capitalist oligarchs have more than political clout; in their backroom dealings, money indeed talks. The mining lobby had paved the judgement of the CA, literally with gold, mined and extracted from our land, that was supposed to ensure the future of our children. This controversial decision of most of the lawmakers in the CA is typical of a so-called third world democracy controlled and driven by an elite class of bureaucrat capitalists who perpetuated feudalism in our resource-rich country, making our people wallow in dire poverty,” Mercado said.

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