May 3, 2017: Lopez should go

May 3, 2017: Lopez should go

I WATCHED the Commission on Appointments hearing of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina Lopez yesterday.

Santa Banana, from what I heard on the questions asked of the Lopez clan heiress, she has really become the elephant in the room—as taipan Manny Pangilinan had once described her. She is indeed going all-out to make the mining industry an endangered species.

This is why I have been wondering why President Duterte keeps on reappointing her, considering what she has done against the mining workers and the poor. And she says her heart bleeds for them.

Let’s enumerate the reasons why Lopez must not only bypassed, and which would means that the President can no longer reappoint her.

First, she suspended some 28 mining firms despite the recommendations of her own audit team just to impose fines on the mining firms concerned, and to warn them that their permits to operate would be revoked for repeated violation of mining laws.

The aftermath of her unilateral act led to her picking a fight with Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea. Did she not realize that as executive secretary, all appeals to the President for reconsideration of her acts have to pass through the ES?

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