Apr. 20, 2017: Now, its Gina Lopez vs Medialdea

Apr. 20, 2017: Now, its Gina Lopez vs Medialdea
Environment Secretary Gina Lopez on Wednesday blasted Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea for reversing her order requiring mining firms to set up a multimillion trust fund for farmers before being allowed to transport their stockpiles.

Lopez accused Medialdea of issuing “a directive to all the mining companies counteracting my order” and allowing them to transport their stockpiles even without putting up a bond worth P2 million per hectare of farmland affected by the mining operations.

“What’s that all about? That’s my prerogative as a Cabinet Secretary, so why is the Executive Secretary going against me? I don’t want to fight anyone but he’s disadvantaging farmers,” Lopez told reporters.

“He’s going against the very spirit of the Duterte administration, which is to help the poor. So I’m really not happy about this at all,” she said.

Lopez was referring to orders issued by Medialdea in March resolving appeals made by the mine firms against Lopez’s order in January setting the trust fund as a new condition for Mineral Ore Export Permits (MOEP).

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